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17 September 2010 @ 04:15 am
It's 4am, I have Lady Antebellum on replay and I'm working on my html.

My brain is either spastic and/or batman and therefore is only nocturnally active. I want to sleep but I'm striving to get the fucking blogspot site up and running by monday.

My very, very very first post on this journal was on the 12th of January - I needed a break from prying eyes, to think about what I lost and to sound out my thoughts about a cheating ex and this place was my sanctuary. 9 months, 402 posts and an insane number of sprees later, I'm proud to say I'm okay.

I'm o-fucking-kay without you. I kept my chin up and my dignity intact, never begged for your return nor asked for anything from you after the day you broke my heart. We were together for 3 long, happy years but I'm fucking glad I got out when I did. I probably would have stabbed you in the face if you'd cheated on me after we'd gotten hitched lol.

But my point is - I AM O FUCKING K! A bit insane, and a lot more jaded, but I'm ok. I think my perspective on monogamy is a little skewed now, but how awesome am I for not becoming the typical needy-bitch-begs-for-cheating-ex-to-return stereotype?? LOL ok la ok la self praise is no praise etc etc but still ?

16 September 2010 @ 12:33 pm
Hello bbs <3 I'll really haven't been able to find the time to update my selling post, so here's a mini selling (shoes) post +  a $15 sales post  by way of an apology (T_T) !

UO Plimsolls / Canvas Pumps in hereCollapse )SOLD

THIS IS A $15 SALE POST !! F21 / Dorothy Perkins / Bershka etcCollapse )

Comments screened ! If you have my number, text me for a faster deal <3
15 September 2010 @ 11:26 pm

FAIL x 420394102931290 
15 September 2010 @ 08:57 pm
 Spent the night again and this joker fell asleep before I even got to his place. He opened the door, let me in, shut the gate and conked out - AGAIN. Joking or what nabei ?! I tickled / smacked / prodded / taupoked / etc etc AND HE STILL WOULDN'T WAKE UP ! Is he a fucking part-time coma patient or something?!?! I've heard of the fabled mom-sprinkles-water-on-face method, so i decided to try it but with my own twist to it la. I mean, hey he's practically a zombie already, might as well have some fun right lolol ? I soaked a wad of tissue with water and just squeezed the whole damn thing on to his face. And he said to me (AND I SHIT YOU NOT), "You're drowning me yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa T_T" !

JOKING OR WHAT, drowning you in a PALMFUL of water ? Smack your comatose ass man (which also happens to be one of the methods I tried using to wake him up LOL, but I digress). It appears the only way to wake this cockster up is to pour water down his boxers and wait for the freaking cold air (the airconditioner was on) to freeze-dry his balls. Tried and tested wake-the-fuck-up-now-you-cheebai method, I shit you not HAHAHAHAHA! Finally got him awake so we could game together (cause' I'm a nerd like that).

Chionged back home this afternoon to have lunch with my sister at bakerzinn, so tiny picspam with my iphone right now ! Am still tweaking blogger codes, it's taking for-fucking-ever man srsly zzzzzzzzzz.

Bread is nom nom nom-y // Poached egg & ham butter spaghetti. 

Dory + my sister - we look nothing alike la it's quite weird lololol. Her theory is that I was picked up from a dumpster -.-

Creme brulee, which they served cold. COLD LEH wah lao eh mega offended by this lolol.

Aiy okay, am going to take a break from all that HTML-tweaking and ogle at Jake Gyllenhaal's mega ripped abs in Prince Of Persia for abit heheheheh OKAY TTYL BAI <3
14 September 2010 @ 03:02 pm

14 September 2010 @ 11:50 am

Dear fucktard, perhaps it's time to take your fucking head out of your fucking ass. I've said time and time and time and time again, that I want to get out of this place. My pay is approximately $2 an hour. Rely what fucking lan jiao, please explain. $2 can buy me exactly 4 chuppa chups, and not even the interesting tongue-painter chuppa chups (those are 60cents T_T). While I cry myself a river of sadness for not being able to afford tongue-painting chuppachups, please note I am being paid exactly 60 chuppa chups a day.

With these 60 daily chuppa chups, I will soon build myself a house! Afterwhich I will make a chuppachup car, and subsequently pay for my daily essentials in chuppa chups. I will also lure a boy and girl into my candy house and try to eat them. My life will be sweet (excuse the pun) and filled with fulfillment and I will die a painless death after lapsing into a diabetes-induced coma. The end.

I am joking, of course, in case your stupidity doesn't allow you to comprehend this. What can 60 chuppa chups a day buy? Am I to build a life for myself using these 60 daily chuppa chups? Again, $2 an hour is far, far, FAR below the fucking going rate. People working in Macdonalds are being paid more than I am.

Like I've said before, and am now repeating again because a cocksucker like you obviously spent too much time sucking cocks and cannot understand basic english - I'm working here because my dad cannot afford to pay outsiders the going rate to work here.

Will you work here for 12-14 hours a day for $30? Would you really? No one in their right mind would. I'm obviously working here out of filial piety.

When I worked PART TIME at Borders, my pay was twice as much as this. TWICE. That's two times over, in case your brain yet again cannot digest this. Logic tells me I should go out and get a job and earn double of what I'm earning now. But I can't, because no sane person will take over  my position here at my dad's shop. Therefore I am stuck here and cannot leave, as much as I really want to.

Please take a minute to remove that dick from inside your mouth to contemplate what I have said, my dear anonymous, cocksucking flamer. If any part of this doesn't make any logical sense to you, you may continue to flame me. If not, please continue to suck on your dad's tiny, little weiner and cry remorseful little tears for being such an incredibly stupid, retarded little bitch.

On a side note, if, I may be childish : CLICK HERE

okay now i feel better. I swear, i really despise cowards who hide behind the anonymity of the internet. You don't understand basic logic then don't read my blog okay? It makes me feel physically ill that spastic people are reading man, no joke. It literally makes me feel like puking tsk.


"I can't believe it / I'm not myself / Suddenly I'm thinking about no one else"

- Stutter by Maroon 5

I haven't had a crush on anyone in years, and now I can't get this joker out of my head. Help meeeeee (T_T)

Anyywayyyyyyyyyyy guess what I just got in the mail :D !!

Hello There acrylic rings ! Wah shitballs they are mega cute *cries tears of joy* It's actually 2 separate rings la, not that you can tell from the first shitty photo lol.

Please also take a moment to admire my incredibly bimbotic glittery nails lol.

Also received this GIANT stack of bangles HAHAHAHAHA damn shiok la ! bought them off bibandtucker , she always has nice stuff for sale!

Anyway, am starting to edit html and will be moving to blogspot within the week I think. Please don't forget me when I move okay I will still love you long time ! I'll only be moving because livejournal can be quite the cocksucker sometimes and doesn't allow for outside advertising (namely, nuffnang, whom i love dearly and holds $XX of my advertising money at the moment lolololol)

Ads from nuffnang = money into my pocket = more inevitable what-shall-i-buy-with-this-nuffnang-money loot posts, k? LOGIC WIN.

Argh okay back to more html madness tsk ttyl <3
13 September 2010 @ 01:02 am
I take back what I said about the maroon 5 album. After it's been on replay 500 times it's starting to sound good.

In other news, I know our time is up. I don't want to make the same mistake twice, so I think we should avoid being alone together for the time being. The thought of separation irks me more than I thought it would though, and I do not appreciate this feeling. But this too shall pass in time, and all I need is a distraction. What I want la, really. I don't need another distraction, for when i grow tired of said distraction, all I do is look for another.

Perhaps it's time to embrace being (physically) on my own for a bit.

Our time is up, but letting go is harder than I thought it'd be zzz.
12 September 2010 @ 07:44 pm


In other news, I'm fucking bored right now. Listening to the new Maroon 5 album, the only interesting songs (besides Misery) are Hands All Over and I Can't Lie. Other that that, it's quite boring I find.

Argh I want to go home and fucking go into a coma man. Fucking tired tsk *brain explodes* zzzzzzzzzzz

ON A SIDE NOTE, i am watching Top Chef (because I'm a glutton like that) AND THEY FILMED THE FINALE IN SINGAPORE! Got that Seetoh guy in the episode LAUGH UNTIL I WANT TO DIE ! They're like in hawker centres eating char kuay tiao LMAO LMAO LMAO i try to screen shot okay TTYLLLLL
12 September 2010 @ 03:35 pm
Cute ripcurl bucket bag I bought at the flea! Can fit my DSLR phwoar happy max man ! China Glaze polishes + f21 rings + Nyx eyeliners (closeups later!) relaking one corner lol

Super tiny and cute owl charm necklace !




\(T3T)/ ! They are MAD HIGH LA !! But prettayyyyyy T_T



China Glaze x 3 , Nyx liners x 3, F21 Studded rings x 3

Loving the owl necklace! It's mega dainty and cute (T3T)

Selling the shiny patent black ring in the middle !


Am selling my black rabbit bag ! Anyone keen ? Leave a comment plox <3

Ribbon necklace from Topshop!

PHWOAR OKAY THAT IS ALL ! Holy shit 3 posts in a row makes for a real shitload of pictures man seriously. My brain is melting from all the html T_T !

Oh okay and one more more creepy max thing before I go :

WTFX PLEASE DON'T STALK ME LEH THIS IS MAD CREEPY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Btw the link in that question is a drawing of (this photo) and I was like WTFXOR WHY DOES THIS LOOK SO FAMILIAR?! Oh god please I know i'm generally awesome but but but this is really freaking me out! please take it down a notch! Just write compliments to me daily can already don't need to go so far la! Thanks for taking the time to draw this, but please don't turn psycho and stab me please hor (T_T)

Now everyone chionging to my formspring to find it right tsk horrible la ya'll -.- 

Aiy okay, I'm really fucking tired srsly barely any sleep between events tsk. AND i haven't shopped (online) for 2 days ! What is this bullshit lol. Am contemplating cornrows again, maybe the week after la, see how.

Okay that really is all. I'm fresh out of photos already. Okay fine I still have a few, but save for later la ok? Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee <3