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13 May 2011 @ 10:04 pm

Say hello to my lovely new Nikon D5100!!

Super tiny and mad light miso happy omg ~(T3T)~ ! Has a side-swivel flip screen to boot - SIBEI F-ING SHIOK T_T !


17-55 basic kit lens, but will probably be buying a Tamron from a friend :D
(This shot was taken with the Tamron lens - you can see the focus is a little different and the image is .. crisp-er? Crispier? LOL)

Tamron test shots

So I spent most of today running around my lanshop like a headless chicken trying to get my new SDHC card to work. I'd taken a shitload of lovely new pictures on it with my new D5100 and yet it refused to motherfucking read! I downloaded firmware and driver and reinstalled lotsa shit but nothing worked - I WAS SO FUCKING PISSED OFF. This was my expression the whole bloody day:

I shit you not.

So long story short, turns out my card reader is a flaming piece of shit and I managed to buy a spanking new super awesome one that CAN FUCKING READ MY FUCKING CARD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PSYCHED!!!!!!! Just got home, so now am going to buy dinner then come home and photoshop the shit out of the pictures at a ninjaspeed so hopefully you'll get to see them soon! I'm so sorry for the wait, my lovelies!

Okay fuck gotta go collect the food before my sister starves to death - BRB ❤